About us

Christian Feminist Network: connecting faith & feminism

Who are we?

Founded in 2012, Christian Feminist Network is a UK-based network of people interested in exploring and connecting faith and feminism. Most of us describe ourselves as both Christians and feminists. As Christians, our faith is centred on the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We seek to live lives transformed by the Holy Spirit. As feminists, we believe in the equal value of women and men and in working to improve the status of women in all areas of society. As Christian feminists we believe the Christian message teaches gender equality and that gender-based discrimination and oppression should be challenged wherever they are found. We exist to advance the understanding that Christian feminism is not an oxymoron but that Christian patriarchy and misogyny is.

We are ecumenical and inclusive of different perspectives within Christianity; we are committed to learning from each other. We welcome anyone irrespective of gender, ethnicity, background, age, ability or sexuality (we are LGBTQI-inclusive). We are open to all who want to join us in our journey and work.

What are our aims?

Our aims are:

• To promote gender equality and challenge oppression in society, church and home

• To provide a safe space for Christian feminists to support each other

• To contribute a Christian voice within the feminist community

What do we do?

Our programme of activities will continue to develop and we invite supporters to get involved in running events and campaigns. We are planning a range of events including alternative acts of worship, feminist theology study days, conferences, social events and campaigning activities.

We are on Facebook and Twitter.

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