An invitation to our first meeting

We’re holding our first public meeting in Southwark Cathedral, London on Saturday 1st December from 2-4:30pm. We’re inviting individuals and groups concerned about gender inequality, feminism and faith to come along. On the day, we’ll share people’s ideas and vision for the network and spend time getting to know each other. Drinks will be provided. We hope to have a crèche so if you are planning to bring children please let us know how many and what age and we will try our best to provide childcare. For directions to Southwark Cathedral, click here. When you arrive, ask for the Gary Weston Library. If you’re interested in coming along please email us on Some of us will go for a drink or food after the meeting, and all attendees are welcome to come along.



  1. Wish I could be there! My godparents are in town that weekend, though, so I’m on entertaining duty. But I’ll hopefully be at your next meeting. Peace to all you fabulous sisters in Christ! 🙂

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