Lenten Challenges For Women


by Jenny Parnham

Below is a collection of ideas for things to do for Lent. Some of them are about taking up habits and practices, others are about giving things up. When we give things up (like chocolate) we are not saying those things are themselves bad, but that we are putting them aside for a time to learn more about ourselves and more about God. When we take up practices, we are not saying they are essential to life but that we are making them a discipline for a time – again to grow spiritually. So with that introduction here are a few ideas for Lent challenges this year. Please do add your comments and thoughts!

1.       Refer to God as She not He

2.       Remove all mirrors from your house

3.       Give up make-up

4.       Remove no hair from your body

5.       Dance naked every day

6.       Do not apologise (especially for existing)

7.       Do not volunteer to do the washing up, cleaning or any other domestic chore at church, work or home if someone else is available to do it.

8.       Don’t go shopping for non-essential items

9.       Challenge every person who tries to gossip with you – especially if it’s about other women

10.   Point out when men interrupt you or speak over you

11.   Record every time you experience sexism and email it to all your male friends at the end of lent.

12.   Challenge every instance of sexism

13.   Give up beauty magazines

14.   Stand in front of the mirror every day and tell yourself how great you are

15.   Get excited about wrinkles and grey hairs – celebrate them with someone

16.   Learn the names for the parts of your genitalia, what they look like and where they are

17.   Call a female friend/family member you value every day and thank them

18.   Prioritise your needs above the needs of others

19.   Spend an hour a day doing something purely for yourself

20.   Give up dieting 




  1. love these, especially 1 and 10 and 17. What about ‘spending a few minutes being quiet/mindful/meditative every day’. Also strongly recommend ‘the heart’s time’ – a poem a day for lent and easter (compiled by Janet Morely)

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